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I want to welcome you to my homepage. I would like to let all of you know that I am alive and kicking. I am married, have 2 boys and live in the middle of Germany. I will write more in the different sections of this homepage. The different topics located on the buttons to the left are the different times or sections of my life. I will not get into this any deeper at this time. If you are interested take a look at the different sections.


Hobbies: Computer, Photography, Cooking, Woodwork, Computer Graphics.


Below is a "Table of Life" that contains what Schools and Jobs I have had

1964 - 1968 Franklin Elementary School Franklin, California
1968 - 1971 Joseph Kerr Junior High Elk Grove, California
1971 - 1973 Elk Grove Senior High Elk Grove, California
1973 - 1974 Ft. Jackson Basic Training Columbia, South Carolina
1974 - 1974 Ft. Monmouth Electronics School Monmouth, New Jersey
1974 - 1985 Bocksberg Radio Station Goslar, West Germany
1985 - 1986 Rainbow Inc. Carmichael, California
1986 - 1989 Chemetall Inc. Langelsheim, West Germany
1990 - 1992 BFW Information Technology School Salzgitter, Germany
1992 - 2000 TEC Electronics Inc. Braunschweig, Germany
2000 -2003 Bitronic Computer Service Goslar, Germany
2003 -          Krueger Windows and Doors Rammstein AFB, Germany

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