Pictures of Bailey and his friends

Bailey, Berric and Bridie
May 2003

Farina and Bailey

November 2002

Farina, Bailey and Igor
November 2002

Bailey, Emma and Igor
November 2002

Bailey and two Mini-Shetties

(September 2001)

"Who's afraid of the big Wolf?"

My little niece Lisa definitely not!

(October 2001)

... and sweet little Maxi neither!

(October 2001)

Lara, Cailin and Bailey

Cailin is Bailey's half sister

(October 2001)

Barney and Bailey

(August 2000)

"Hot dogs"

Bailey and Berric (Bailey's brother)

(June 2000)

"Hop ... "

Nick and Ayla

(May 2000)

Bailey and I after chasing a balloon with a postcard from France across the fields.

(May 2000)

"It's a rather blustery day!"

December 1999

Brrrrrr . . .

Bailey and his brother Berric (November 1999)

Bailey and the Border Collies Chap and Sue (October 1999)

Bailey (August 1999)