The great heart cracks; the mighty frame
In chill of death has turned to stone.
With silence in the empty halls
We sit alone,
Too numb to weep, too desolate
For tears or pain-releasing sigh.
A puppy stumbles up to us -
Kings do not die!

Bailey peacefully went to the rainbow bridge in our arms at home.


Our hearts are broken 



I finally managed to translate most of my homepage into English. Only the buttons "Stories", "Poems", "Character" and "Books and Links" I didn't get to yet. But I am working on it. I also didn't finish the "Picture Gallery" yet. I still want to put more pictures of the last years in it and will try to keep it up to date with the new pictures I take. Please be lenient towards my translation. For part of it I used a free online translation program and you wouldn't believe the sentences that came out sometimes :-). I tried to put everything together in an understandable way but I think, sometimes it may still sound a little strange. If you find anything that really doesn't sound right, please feel free to email me.

Isn't the Internet a fine thing? I wished, it would have already existed at the time, when I was desperately seeking for information about Irish Wolfhounds. I was even responded already at a gazehound exhibition in Hannover. Someone had recognized Bailey from this homepage. For several years I am also a member in an international IW Mailing List (see the site "books/links" in this homepage) and thereby have daily contact to IW owners all over the world. It is just great!

Also I am very pleased about the many entries into my guest book. However I am really sorry that I didn't thank everyone for each entry personally by email, as I had actually planned. But somehow the days are just too packed. Therefore I would like to assume the opportunity, to thank everybody very much here and now.

And last but not least I want to let you know, where we come from. We live in a suburb of the historic emperor town of Goslar in the federal state of  Lower Saxony in Germany. If somebody is interested: (available in German, English and French). 

Fortunately I can still let Bailey run free on our walks despite the new dog regulations. I was however already addressed several times whether Bailey mustn't carry a muzzle now, because he is so large. When sometimes I use the Halti on him, to remind him, that it is a "No No" to pull at the leash, I harvest frightened looks, because some people regard the Halti as a muzzle and think that he is a "dangerous dog". If I have the opportunity, I explain to them, what a Halti is and that it serves the training of him.

Talking about dog regulations: Who would like to get informed about the new laws of the individual federal states in Germany, can do this here www.dueber vo.htm  (in German). The dog regulations for each federal state can be looked up.

And now I wish you much fun regarding Baileys homepage!

Bailey with Halti (I think it rather looks like a halter, doesn't it?)