School Years

Franklin Elementary

I don't remember a lot about going to school  in Franklin except that I enjoyed the          recesses. I can remember playing Tetherball with Bill Cartwright ( I didn't have much of a chance, he was always to tall). I also remember friday nights, that was time to go rollerskating at King's Rink. Some of the names that I remember are Roberta Patton, Rita Jacobs, 

Mike Hornbaker, Danny Hofer, Matt Morse, Tom Moore, Theresa Koster, Patti Simonich, Ron Oneto, Greg Knuepel, Greg Skinner, Vicky Keema, Glenda Giesser, David Mello, Dara Rieger, Frank Lorenz, Jennifer Cartwright, Patti Primasing, Sharon Camarillo, Patricia (Patsy) Gargen, Vera Litke and I just can't remember anymore that were in our class, I guess the old mind is needing a memory update. Hopefully, that if someone see's this, that they could help me in remembering who was in our class. The only Teacher I remember was Mr. Cogle.


Joseph Kerr Junior Highschool

I do remember more about what happened  during this time but there were to many in the class to remember them all. I remember having pneumonia and having to stay home for weeks. I also remember that during these years I had an accident with my bike where I lost 4 of my front upper teeth and that there was a lot of 

pain involved. I remember taking French and that I had problems trying to learn that strange way of talking. I must say that if I knew then that I was going to be living in Europe so long, that I would have paid attention a little more, even so, I speak, read and write fluent German. A few of the new names that I remember is Karen Bell, David Kelso, well I guess I need some memory pills, my mind is a blank.

Elk Grove Senior High School

I remember a lot of good times, the football games, rallies, one that was fun was when the Faculty played basketball against the Globetrotters farm team ( I don't remember the name). The best time was getting my drivers license in my sophmore year and I still love to drive. Being a Field Service

Technician I have driven over 1 million miles in my life, if not I am very close to it. I did have my problems though at that time. I do remember and will never forget this, since this did change my life, the first day of my senior year, Britt and I were after a new Sophmore, we ran around the corner after him and there was our Principal. Well Britt and I had a week of staying home. Well we decided that we would stay out longer, we did, I don't remember how many more weeks but we did then get caught. The next day I took off and was gone for a couple weeks, well you guessed it, I then went in the Army, after taking my GED, so I did get my High School completion.